About Us

We know that children learn best and have the most fun when parents and caregivers actively participate in music classes with them. But we also know that many parents are not big fans of the typical repertoire of children’s music featured in preschool music classes. That’s where Lil’ Rockers classes are different. With most children’s music featuring simplistic musicality, many music educators now suggest that parents opt for child-friendly adult music to expose their children to a greater quality and variety of music experience. The Lil’ Rockers program emphasizes popular music that is musically interesting, varied, and child-friendly. These are the songs that you know and love, and feature lyrics that you wouldn’t mind your child singing out loud in front of Grandma.

Our music selection rocks, but so does our approach to learning. Lil’ Rockers features a child-centered early childhood music curriculum. Developed in line with the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Pedagogy for the Early Years by Early Childhood Educators, our innovative curriculum encourages developmentally appropriate discovery, creativity, and a play-based approach to learning. What does that mean? That your child is going to be playing and having fun, but learning too! And not only are Lil’ Rockers classes valuable for your child’s musical development, but they nurture cognitive, language, physical, emotional, and social development as well.