Q: What type of payment do you accept?
A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Cheque and Cash

Q: If classes have already started can I still register?
A: Although it is recommended that all participants start from the beginning, provided there is space in the class, we can make exceptions.

Q: My child is 15 months old, walking and very social; can we register for the 18-36 month classes?
A: Absolutely, the ages limits we set out are guidelines. Every child develops differently and so a child who is walking and social may benefit and thrive in the active, movement-based Whammies classes.

Q: If I miss a Lil’ Rockers class, can I do a make-up class?
A: Unfortunately we cannot offer make up classes or refunds when a class is missed. That said, if Lil’ Rockers cancels a class, a make-up date will be scheduled to ensure all participants have access to 8 weeks of classes.

Q: Can both parents come to class?
A: The Lil’ Rockers classes are set up as a 1:1 caregiver/child ratio and to accommodate a maximum of 10 parents and 10 children. If both parents want to come to a class, we ask that you let us know in advance so we can ensure there is enough space.

Q: Can I bring more than one child to a class?
A: Most of the Lil’ Rockers classes are set up as 1:1 caregiver/child ratio and was designed with curriculums specific to each age grouping.  That said, we do offer a family class for families to attend with more than one child. Please see our Family Band class in the Classes & Fees page.

Q: My baby is 2 months old, will he benefit from coming to classes at such a young age?
A: It is never too early to begin music and movement classes with your child! Our classes have been developed by early childhood specialists and are based on the most recent research in baby development. At 2 months old, your child will benefit from the gross motor movement activities, baby sign language, parent-child bonding, sensory stimulation, and musical experiences included in each and every class. Not only that, but you as a parent will enjoy getting to know other parents in a fun and welcoming environment, becoming part of a musical community that you are your child can grow with and be a part of for years to come!

Q: My child is apprehensive about coming into the class and participating. What should we do?
A: Most children adore our Lil’ Rockers classes. They love to dance, sing, and play musical instruments. However, a group music experience may be new to your child. They may be shy at first- and that’s okay! It is not uncommon for a child to attend several classes before feeling fully comfortable. Each child responds in a unique way in the musical environment. Don’t be discouraged- what a child is absorbing in class is often evidenced in the home environment rather than in a certain level of participation in class. The understanding and consistency of the parent or caregiver in class and at home are keys to facilitating musical learning and growth. Relax and enjoy the music with your child. If your child cannot focus on the activities and does not sit by your side at all times- don’t worry. As long as your child is in the room, they are participating. Come and speak with the instructor before or after class about some strategies specific to your child.