Unfortunately, once classes begin we cannot offer refunds. Class fees cannot be refunded or prorated due to absences or illness. Credit for the class may be given under special/extenuating circumstances and will be assessed on an individual basis.


Spouses, partners and relatives in and out of town may come and join our class. It is a treat for your child to share their class experience. We do ask that not more than two adults per child come to the class due to spacing.

Non-Enrolled Siblings

If you have two children in different age groups that would like to attend our program we offer a “Family Band”, a mixed curriculum for various ages. Siblings under 8 months are welcome to sit in on Whammies and Riffs classes for no additional charge, preferably in a carrier if content to do so. This assures that you are able to give complete attention to the enrolled child. Emergency exceptions are understood. If occasionally older children need to come along to their younger siblings’ class, please e-mail the office beforehand.

Make Up Classes

We do not offer make up classes at this time. If Lil’ Rockers needs to cancel a class, a make-up class will be offered to ensure all participants receive their full program.

Behaviour Protocol

Children are a non-stop bundle of energy. It is perfectly normal for children to run, tumble, scream, cry and protest in different environments. All children do these things and we at Lil’ Rockers understand and want to provide a safe and fun space for kids to experience music. Please keep in mind that some behaviours, although very natural for a child, may be disruptive during group activity.

Children are allowed to move around the Lil’ Rockers space during all activities. Please do not be discouraged if your child is not particularly interested in certain activities, as this is very natural and normal. If your child does become upset, disruptive or destructive, you are welcome to take them outside the room and set appropriate boundaries before returning. This helps our class move smoothly and keeps all children focused.

As caregivers, you are well aware that accidents happen and everybody can have bad days. Although it is rare, aggressive behaviours create apprehension and disrupt the class environment and therefore will not be tolerated. Aggressive behaviour could include, but are not limited to, throwing objects/instruments at others, biting, hitting, kicking, tackling and scratching. This also includes behaviours that damage the class facility or the music shop. We encourage all caregivers to help stop “contagious behaviours” such as grabbing from the bins and pulling at the gates.

All children have rough days and that is very understandable. If your child is upset and unable to settle in after attempts are made to calm them, it may be best to leave and try again on a better day. You are always welcome to come in and speak to the instructor about strategies that will suit the specific needs of you and your child.


Lil’ Rockers is a very active class filled with lots of movement and fun. We encourage all who attend to wear comfortable attire, including socks as no shoes are permitted on the mats.

Sick Children

If your child has a fever, please wait until he/she is fever free for 24 hours before returning to class. If your child has suffered a stomach bug or has thrown up within the last 24 hours, please keep your child at home. If your child has a severe cough, thick nasal discharge, green & yellow gook on his/her nose, a rash or conjunctivitis, please let them rest at home.

Restrooms and Changing

We have gender neutral restroom at the front of the studio, which has a change table and diaper disposal. Please change babies and toddlers in the restroom instead of the classrooms or entrances. This ensures privacy and that the diapers are disposed of in the diaper pails.

Food and Drink

As far as food is concerned, you are welcome to bring a snack and hang out and visit after class. Nursing and bottle feeding are permitted both inside and outside the classroom as you see fit but please hold off on bringing out food and drinks otherwise during class. If you bring a coffee to class, please ensure that you place it behind the cubbies during class time to prevent spills.